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Latest News:

Sep. 6, 2006:

:-P No rest for the wicked...

Sep. 5, 2006:

Yes, the public site has been down for a long time, though the webmail services have operational days after the original crash...autogeschichte

Mar. 4, 2005:

Due to the number of accounts being used for fraud I've changed the ability to change the "from" e-mail address to be available *only* for level 2 paying customers...fahrradinfo

Jan. 25, 2005:

I'm sure you've all noticed another spate of outtages...

Nov. 6, 2004:

Once again, we've had a bad bout of power outtages which, coupled with my limited access to the co-lo facility, created some extended downtime...bioprodukten

Sep. 15, 2004:

I'd like to apologise for the recent string of interruptions...

Jul. 19, 2004:

Okay, I've hit 4,000 accounts, so account creation is temporarily disabled while I do some account cleanup, and see how the performance goes...buecherwuermer

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